About Us

Atlantic Nutraceuticals develops evidence-based nutraceuticals for optimum health and well-being. The company was founded by health care professionals and nutritionists who discovered an overwhelming level of consumer interest in wellness and prevention, a great deal of confusion in the marketplace, and increasing clinical evidence supporting the role of nutrition in promoting good health and well-being. As many were looking to their doctors for guidance in the area of prevention and wellness, Atlantic Nutraceuticals focused on supporting patients with credible information and scientifically sound nutritional products that doctors could confidently recommend to their patients. 

The nourishing food base of targeted, pure superfood extracts such as spirulina, beets, kale and chlorella provide the foundation of our Whole Food Multivitamin formula. Botanical extracts such as papaya and ginger deliver important co-nutrients to enhance absorption and digestion. A customized combination of plant-source enzymes, botanicals and probiotics further support absorption and prevent stomach upset common with other dietary supplements.

The products are available through health care professionals, nutritionists, personal trainers or directly through Atlantic Nutraceuticals.